Lamesset Doust Blatvs

Lamesset Doust Blatvs

Literary elitist of a source of theocratic idealistic cases, Lamesset Doust Blatus sounds his coming impromptu demanding Peace justice. Although, supposed to make the nth reminder for the world of an abrogation of the vices and the Florentine virtues formerly; Lamesset drafts the serene sourness in the same way as a cursed prophet, returned the murderous repentance in support of its heart for our well-being. (Girolamo Savonarola.) Of Socrates, to Platon, passing by Girolamo Savonarola or still Jean de Nostredame says Nostradamus, Lamesset Doust Blatus has for mission, the privilege to establish a serene interlocution to the reflection of the common run of people, so returning the breaker slope of her writing. A manifesto "I know that the Holy Spirit", where just its particular emotion organizes the correctness of things for the centuries of the centuries.

En quelques mots

À quel âge avez-vous commencé à écrire ? 27 ans
Quel est votre auteur préféré ? Jerôme Savonarole
Quel est votre style littéraire préféré ? Philosophie

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