Céline Audebeau

Céline Audebeau

Dad, you're so beautiful, these are the words my daughter said the first time she saw me after my transition from man to woman. As Simone de Beauvoir says so well "we are not born as a woman, we become". I waited 53 years to become the one I am today. A long, sometimes painful but extraordinary process of love, sharing and support.My transition, I chose it from beginning to end, my particularity being to make this change overnight.

I entered the hospital as a man and came out five days later as a woman.I have the audacity to believe that this book can help other poeple in the same situation, parents, relatives, friends. To give them another vision of what dysphoric people are living.Céline Audebeau, 55 ans old, expatriate in Asia for 1 years. I live alone in Hanoi where I am General Director of a factory of 420 employees.

"I'm the happiest of woman, not a single second I have regretted by choice. In my journey, I had no reluctance from anyone. I'm aware of being extremely lucky. This chance, I built it over the years, in fact, there is no chance, I created it. From the day one accepts oneself, when we appreciate this new image, one becomes invicible".

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