D. C. Anjaria

D. C. Anjaria

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D. C. Anjaria was born in Bhuj, India, in 1946, into a culturally upper-class, but economically middle-class family. (The author was left fatherless at the age of six.) He wrote From Existence to Life when he was twenty-two, living at home, "far away from life itself," in his words. The experiences described are, however, by no means vicarious ones. "All my internal sparks and upheavals bear no resemblance to an outwardly ordinary existence. I feel I have been living through borrowed dreams, dreams that were dreamt for me by others," the author says candidly.

Currently living between France and India, Mr. Anjaria continues to pursue his career in consulting, teaching, and writing, on management, men, and other matters. He is married and the father of a son born in 1982.

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