Lily May Kolorz

Lily May Kolorz

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Just a fancy girl who do fancy things
WHO AM I? I'm a person who loves creating things. I can't say I'm an artist or a graphist. But I always make different things, and always like coloring books. I use glitter a lot (too much)... On my creations, on my colorings, on me...

I work in US English, but I'm french. I work hard to become a digital nomad because I want to be a world citizen, not an arrogant frenchie :-)

I like cats, but now I have a dog, a really good girl!

HAND DRAWINGS? NO. Here you will find different images all digital. I don't do hand draws. Images I put in this world are created with the help of artificial intelligence and different tools like illustrator and a drawing tablet. Thanks to that, I can express my fancy imagination and share it with the world!

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